About us

Hi! We’re Desify.me, an online retailer that focuses on your basic desi needs. We stock high quality products from the East to those living in the West. And if we can’t find a product that we want to sell, we just design & create it ourselves!


A Brief History

The inspiration behind Desify.Me begun a decade ago, when we noticed people from back home were ‘making do’ with what they could get in the West.  Basic necessities used for many previous generations were now considered a stigma or desi’s did not want to be seen as being backward!  Born from this was the idea to bring in high quality product from Asia and into the West where Desi’s could be proud of their heritage.

What makes Desify.Me special?

The focus of Desify.Me is the quality control that goes into the products, working closely with manufacturers we pride ourselves in ensuring no shortcuts are taken.  Whilst the cost of bringing exported goods to the West is usually high, we want to make our customers happy by not bringing over poor quality or cheap products.

Our Company Information

The important bit… Desify.Me is the trading name of Mayaka786 Limited (company number 11982532). Our Registered Address is Mayaka786 | Unit 12 Alfric Square | Peterborough | PE2 7JP.  Please note: This is also a trading address and cannot accept visitors without appointments.